Practice area

Disputes - Litigation And Arbitration.

Naffah Law Firm (NLF) has sufficient legal experience to identify the key issues in any legal dispute, as well as possible solutions. Our lawyers are well experienced to handle and follow up on any lawsuit before the Courts of Law or arbitration.

NLF is subscribed to several legal data systems which keep the lawyers of the firm updated with any changes, or amendments to the laws, regulations, and instructions. We keep our clients informed of important developments as their cases move forward.

Our priority is to be updated with the Courts Decisions and precedents. We also make sure that our lawyers are equipped with legal information, and regularly updated with every new verdict and special decision, which become a legal principle. Our team of attorneys identifies legal risks by finding sources of legal risk, such as regulations and structural changes, and recognizing potential and actual risks.

On the other hand, we keep our clients updated with all amendments regarding the legal regulatory system in Lebanon and the Middle East by providing reports concerning any update or change which would affect their operations in the Middle East, directly or indirectly.

Intellectual Protocol - IP

Naffah Law Firm has an independent department dedicated to IP. The department is experienced in the registration, enforcement, and counseling services related to IP.

Information Technology Lawyer

Information technology (IT) is essential to virtually every business.  We have a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys with experience representing clients on both the vendor and customer side of IT transactions. We represent the interests of not only IT companies, VARs, solution providers, and distributors but also many non-tech companies that encounter issues related to technology, privacy, and safeguarding propriety data.

Cloud and Hosting Providers Lawyer

For cloud and hosting providers, it is extremely important that the contracts constructed with clients cover every possible scenario and contingency.  There are a variety of legal issues that can arise from the use of cloud and hosting services and companies need to ensure they are properly protected. One has to look no further than recent news headlines to see the ramifications of compromised data that has been stored in a cloud or hosting environment.

A lawyer with advanced knowledge of these issues who continually keeps ahead of the curve on developing technology can help make sure your agreements and contracts meet your needs.

Online Business Transactions

The most important aspect of your ONLINE business could very well be the ability to enter into vendor agreements, sign distribution contracts, obtain outside capital, borrow money, buy another business or eventually sell your business. Telecom transactions can be very complex. It is critical that all of your legal bases are covered. A skilled telecom attorney can handle your transactions to make sure your best interests are represented.

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