Telecom, IT, and Cloud Computing Attorney

Whether your issues pertain to transactions, licenses, mergers, and acquisitions of domestic or international companies or any other issue in the telecom or IT industry,


We Cover the Entire Procurement Process

We work closely with clients on every facet of the IT and telecom procurement process. From how best to approach initial acquisitions, to the negotiation of service arrangements tailored to the client’s individual needs, to ensuring provider compliance after an agreement is consummated, we will be there to ensure a smooth process.


We Know The Market

Our work with business customers and service providers affords us comprehensive knowledge of the market as a whole and the motivations of the market’s individual players. Countless negotiations with data centers, telecom, cloud, VoIP, and IT providers have enabled us to provide our clients with the latest information about services and pricing for procurement. Our work on behalf of business customers helps us to give our clients a clear view of an ever-evolving market and the unique ability to assess the financial and technological aspects of their legal requirements.

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